It's time to start honouring

Hi, I'm Emma Makepeace.

I'm here to support, guide and hold space for you. Explore and learn the ways your body, mind and spirit require for you to be deeply and completely yourself in the world.

Work With Me...


Whether you're after support for self-care, mentoring to create a sustainable and supportive business, or restorative practices for your life, working with me 1:1 or in a group allows you to receive the support you desire for your individual needs. Learn more here.


From Yoga classes, to energy and intuitive sessions, or tools and resources to support your rituals, self-care practices and journey to reconnect to you. Book a session, join a class, or shop for a gift for you here.

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Guided meditations, yoga practices, and a range of eBooks to support you on your journey to reconnect to your body, mind and spirit. Check out the full resource library here.


Amanda Rostirolla
AJR Virtual Assitant

“Emma you are a true inspiration. Your guidance, your practices, your love and support keep me getting stronger and stronger everyday to see what else is possible. You are truly amazing and thank you for coming into my life when I needed you the most."
Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart
Parenting & Change Alchemist+Strategist
“My experiences with Emma have always been ones of immense Truth as well as being gentle to allow the flow of the Self to bring forth and release what needs to be.”
Christine Dillon
Conscious Pathways Creator
“Emma is real. She is honest. She will call you on your crap, but do it in a way that is honouring of you and your choices and leaves you feeling empowered. She is patient. And just a really, really, great energy to be around.”